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Safety SurgicaI hammer is a newly invention, It can provide controlled impact force, shock prevention, energy preservation, and direction stability effect. In dental implantation application, it can be used in closed sinus elevation to provide a safely sinus elevation procedure, prevent inadvertently sinus perforation complication, less trauma to patient, prevent complications such as postsurgical vertigo, brain concussion etc. It can be used in orthopedic surgery.

Healthbiz Resource Pte Ltd

Founded in 2005, HEALTHBIZ RESOURCE PTE LTD (HBR) has grown to be one of the leading dental suppliers in Singapore and the region for high quality dental equipments and accessories.  The company has  an impressive customer base covering the government hospitals, institutions and private clinics.

Each partner of HBR has many years expertise in dental trade, thus ensuring our clients receive top quality service.

We represent some of the world’s well-known Dental equipments in Digital Imaging, Treatment units, Air compressors, Suction motors and other related products.


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