Testimonials for IDEM Singapore


When we started the 1st IDEM, we only had one booth. We just keep adding a few every year and we certainly look forward to when it comes around.

-    Richard Lim, Eastland Dental Supplies


The organization is really excellent. If you compare this with other shows, that is one really strong advantage. The other thing is within Asia, which is one of the largest shows, if you exclude maybe the shows in China, you have more than 8 maybe even 10,000 visitors from the trade and industry coming, so I think that’s the main point of strength for IDEM. 

-    Heine Pape, SciCan



It’s my first time here to attend such a convention. It’s really amazing to see all the advancements they have right now that they’re offering and we’re excited and looking forward to the future of dentistry. 

-    Thani Francisco, Philippines


The trade show was good because they had a lot of supplies that we don’t get in Australia, particularly from Korea.

-    Justin Curry, Australia



Very impressive and brief introduction to the shift to digitally CAD/CAM use and how time saving chair-side semi direct restoration can become possible in our dental Clinic, making it become my next vision to upgrade my Clinic.

-    A delegate on the session “Semi-Direct Posterior Restorations"


This course has related topics with daily dental services and can be applied to patients. The format was excellent and the presentation was clear and direct. It can describes how we were able to immediately begin offering dental services, complete with a full discussion of concepts and related topics with patients.

-    A delegate on the workshop "AOMS Wisdom Tooth and Suturing"